US$4 Million Energy Efficiency Programme Launched
Prime Minister Holness looks at the main generator transformer during a tour at the new US$330 million Jamaica Public Service (JPS) 190 megawatt (MW) power plant being built in Old Harbour Bay, St. Catherine. Looking on are JPS President and Chief Executive Officer, Emanuel DaRosa (left), and Senior Project Director, Timothy Lamb

US$4 Million Energy Efficiency Programme Launched

The Government launched a US$4 million Energy Management and Efficiency Programme designed to cut US$6 million per annum in expenditure on energy consumption, and reduce the country’s carbon footprint.

• The phased roll-out of the project, which runs until 2023,  entails installation of energy-efficient equipment and technology at 80 health and educational entities.

• It will target improvement in the Kingston Metropolitan Region (KMR) traffic management system to reduce travel time by approximately 35 per cent, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

• An energy efficiency and Conservation (EEC) Standards Guide was launched by Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) to ensure responsible energy use at Government facilities.

• Bureau of Standards Jamaica launched new standards for electrical appliances.

• Wigton Windfarm provided renewable energy training in photovoltaics and biogas energy.  

Spectrum Management Authority (SMA)

• Reduced the processing times for licences by 20 per cent.

• Procured and implemented drone technology to enhance monitoring capabilities.

• Implemented and upgraded two spectrum monitoring sites, one in New Hope, St. Ann and the other in Albion, St. James.

• Implemented a Grid-Tied Solar Project, which has resulted in energy savings of approximately 40 per cent.

• Provided a Type Approval search engine to link the Automated Spectrum Management System (ASMS) licensing application to allow for online payments.

• Renewed 280 SMA licences. e-GOV Jamaica Limited

• Launched the Agile Centre of Excellence and Innovation Hub to develop

innovative solutions that address problems faced by Government entities in serving citizens and businesses.

• Enhancements made to the Licence Management Information System (LMIS) Desktop System, which is used by the Transport Authority to manage the issuance of

licences to operate public passenger vehicles. 

• Developed prototypes for the Government of Jam-aica Mobile Applications, including for the Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ), to allow for motor vehicle registration. A pro- totype for an e-Participation Platform was also developed.

• Connected the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries,

Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) and the Central Treasury Management System (CTMS) and the Security Strengthening Programme to the National Works Agency (NWA) fibre-optic network.

• The Government’s communication network, GovNet was launched to improve overall telecommunications and transaction costs associated with the provision of public services and information, and improve communications across Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

Universal Service Fund

• Twenty-one Community Access Points (CAPS) completed.

• The training component of the Technology Advancement Programme (TAP) was executed with 94 per cent of the trainees successfully placed in jobs within the public and private sectors.

• Community Access Point opened in Thompson Town on March 16.

Prime Minister the Most Hon. Andrew Holness (2nd right) tours the construction site of the new US$330 million Jamaica Public Service (JPS) 190 megawat (MW) power plant being built in OLD Harbour Bar, St. Catherine. Accompanying the Minister on the tour (from left) are: JPS President and Chief Executive Officer, Emanuel DaRosa, steel fixer, Kennado Foster, and Works Manager, Jerome Williams.
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