Support for Farmers

Support for Farmers

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries implemented several programmes that led to consistency of supplies, sustainable incomes for farmers and entrepreneurs and facilitated strong growth in the sector.


Farm Road Rehabilitation

• $800 million was allocated to improve the farm road network.

 This project, being implemented by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), aims to provide improved direct access to an estimated 11,506 farmers in 13 parishes for the ‘farm to market’ transportation of produce.

Support for Farmers

• $30 million allocated to assist farmers in Portland who were affected by heavy rains to purchase seeds, fertilisers and other materials.

• $6 million allocated to help farmers in St. Elizabeth, Clarendon and St. Catherine, who were affected by drought.

Coffee Farmers

• The Government and Newport Fersan Jamaica Limited (NFJ) partnered to provide over 28,000 bags of newly formulated fertiliser to coffee farmers islandwide.

• Small coffee farmers bene fitted from $60 million  donated by businessman, Michael Lee-Chin and his family. The money was made available through the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA).

• The Ministry collaborated with Salada Foods Jamaica to provide a $200 million injection into the coffee industry, with the advance purchase of 25,000 boxes of local coffee berries.

Dairy Farmers

• Dairy farmers from Clarendon, St. Elizabeth and St. Thomas benefitted from $5 million worth of fertiliser to improve the quality of the grass consumed by the cattle and enhance the amount and nutritional value of the milk produced.

Sugar Cane

• $70 million was committed to assist farmers in Trelawny with the transportation of sugar cane to the Appleton Estate and Worthy Park factories.  

Sugar Workers

• Ground was broken for  the development of 84 serviced lots for sugar workers in, Jacksonville, Clarendon.


• Local and international investors from Guatemala, Canada and China are collaborating in the development of a factory that will produce paper and other value-added items from the bamboo plant.

• 81 young persons were trained in bamboo technology to provide additional support to the sector.

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