Child Care and Protection
Education, Youth and Information State Minister, Hon. Floyd Green (right), reads to children attending the Early Childhood Commission's (ECC) 'Read Pon Di Cawna" events at Orange Park in downtown Kingston.

Child Care and Protection

• A multipurpose classroom, valued at $25 million, was built at the Granville Place of Safety in Trelawny.

• A new multipurpose building, valued at approximately $16 million, was constructed at the all-boy St. Augustine Place of Safety in Clarendon.

• The first Transitional Living Complex under the Transitional Living Programme for Children in State Care project was completed at a cost of $135 million.

• The Muirton Child Care Facility in Portland was renovated at a cost of $40 million.

Early Childhood

• 12 of the planned 126 institutions under the 0-3 Brain Builders Programme became operational.

• More institutions were certified, with the number increasing to 128.

Youth Development

• Two Youth Information Centres (YICs) were launched in Westmoreland and St. Catherine and a recording studio opened at the St. Catherine YIC.

• More than 255 young people completed the first phase of training under a partnership established with Junior Achievement Jamaica for the provision of entrepreneurship training through YICs.

• Mobile YICs and homework centres were established in St. Catherine, Portland, St. Ann, St. James, Hanover and Clarendon through funding provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/ Ministry of Education Partnership for Improved Safety and Security in Schools.

Programme for Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH)

• Literature books were provided for students on PATH at all levels of the secondary system at a cost of $120 million.

• $26 million in payments for insurance provided for students on PATH and wards of the state at all levels.

• $2,000 allocated to each PATH student to cover the cost for IDs and uniform-related items.

• Book vouchers have been provided for the neediest students to purchase back-to-school supplies.

• Grants were provided to cover Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programmes, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programmes, curriculum support, and other special requests.


• Two contracts, valued just under $356 million, were signed to supply equipment to the Portmore Information Parks in St. Catherine and the Montego Bay Terminal in St. James.

• The Records and Infor-mation Management (RIM) Policy Implementation and Sensitisation Programme was launched. It aims to ensure that all activities and decisions of the Government are fully and accurately documented, managed and monitored.

• The Ministry partnered with the Mexican Embassy in Jamaica to boost the Government’s capacity to digitally preserve the nation’s archived records and historical data.

• The Access to Information Unit launched its youth information booklet, titled, ‘Abby and Friends ATI Adventure’, which educates young people about the Access to Information Act (ATI) through storytelling.

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